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This application was developed for SAP ERP, providing and standardized and efficient collection process for interacting with your customers. The solution brings a standardized approach and leverages renegotiaion policies, ensuring better operational efficiency for the collection teams that become independent while dealing with negotiation scenarios with the end customers.

The solution is built supporting integration with other customer relationship management and accounts receivable systems, allowing automatic issuing of charge notices and sending renegotiation bills. Furthermore, it embeds a workflow for negotiation approvals, integration with Serasa information system, and a performance monitoring module that allows performance measurement of the collections team.

Charging overdue customers without impacts for the hardly conquered relationship is a big challenge for the organizations. On the other hand, the lack of customer payment of due bills can generate significant damages on cash flow and, in some cases, jeopardize profitability of organizations that count on these amounts in their own financial planning. outros sistemas de gerenciamento de clientes e contas a receber, o que possibilita a emissão automática de avisos de cobrança e o envio de cartas de renegociação. Além disso, possui workflow para aprovação de negociações, integração com o sistema do Serasa e módulo de indicadores que permite a mensuração de performance da equipe de cobrança.


  • Calculations made by SAP ERP;

  • Interest taxes and standardized fines;

  • Automatic discharge and installment generation;

  • Integral use of FI-AR and FI-GL;

  • Tracking and SAP workflow;

  • SERASA PEFIN Integration.


  • Single work screen in SAP;

  • Easy access to open deeds;

  • Automatic renegotiation accounting;

  • Automatic debt recognition letters and acquittance receipt.


  • Implementation of a standard approach for overdue customers;

  • Traceability via SAP standard documents flow;

  • Supports auditing process;

  • Standardizes accounting of  new deals.