EVT - Indaiatuba

Rua das Orquídeas, 737 - Torre Corporate - Cj. 312

Jardim Pompéia - CEP: 13345-040

Indaiatuba / SP


EVT - São Paulo

Rua Dr. Alfredo de Castro, 200 - Cj. 607

Pacaembu - CEP: 01155-060

São Paulo / SP

Escritório Indaiatuba: (19) 3115-3210

Escritório SP: (11) 3796-9222 / (11) 4301-9222



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In order to ensure greater efficiency and savings, enterprises must review their procurement processes and adopt technologies that allow access to information in real time, about their activities and processes that speeds up the decision taking process and enhances the organizations’ performance monitoring.

Evolution IT, being an expert in business solutions, innovates by offering to their customers a cost management solution that joins the analytical capability of Business Intelligence with the financial and operational modules of SAP ECC.

Main advantages for your enterprise:

  • Consolidated view of costing process (CKM3 transaction), that allows to identify deviations and their impact;

  • Adherence and support for end-month accounting closing;​

  • Real time monitoring of performance indicators that impact directly on production costs;

  • Monitoring and simulation of impact on cost variances in product mix and total budgeted volume;

  • Strong reduction on manual information processing of data extracted from SAP ECC while building costing reports;

  • Fully developed in SAP platform. Doesn't requires new licenses and new professional competencies, resulting in less TCO.

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