EVT - Indaiatuba

Rua das Orquídeas, 737 - Torre Corporate - Cj. 312

Jardim Pompéia - CEP: 13345-040

Indaiatuba / SP


EVT - São Paulo

Rua Dr. Alfredo de Castro, 200 - Cj. 607

Pacaembu - CEP: 01155-060

São Paulo / SP

Escritório Indaiatuba: (19) 3115-3210

Escritório SP: (11) 3796-9222 / (11) 4301-9222



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Price strategy definition is one of the most important processes of organizations. The challenge consists in finding the balance between achieving consumers’ expectations and providing profitability and sustainable business growth.

Defining a pricing strategy is not an easy task and goes beyond the activity of evaluating costs. It is necessary to analyze many variables like competitors' prices, seasonality sales rates, customers' perceived value, marketing and human capital costs and, among others. To achieve this, it's necessary to count on tools and technologies able to provide the right information in a fast and efficient way to aid the decision making.

The price definition solution developed by Evolution IT provides the sales strategy team with all the necessary tools for developing an efficient price definition process.