EVT - Indaiatuba

Rua das Orquídeas, 737 - Torre Corporate - Cj. 312

Jardim Pompéia - CEP: 13345-040

Indaiatuba / SP


EVT - São Paulo

Rua Dr. Alfredo de Castro, 200 - Cj. 607

Pacaembu - CEP: 01155-060

São Paulo / SP

Escritório Indaiatuba: (19) 3115-3210

Escritório SP: (11) 3796-9222 / (11) 4301-9222



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Improve the performance of your systems, integrate your data and simplify your operations.


"I've been using EVT's software factory for three years. In this period we could count on a significant decrease in the costs for maintaining IT since all the development activities were directed to the Consulting team. We have managed to our employees and analysts with an efficient communication channel where rework is minimal. We are pleased with the quality, accuracy and support we received from the EVT team!"

—  Helder José da Silva, GTI Total Alimentos 

Taking the best out of technology is essential for all companies . Systems and well-drawn processes improve operational quality patterns and promote better performance and business management.

In order to ensure competitiveness for your company it is critical to count on IT solutions that can act fast and precisely to support the new demands and to develop systems and process' improvements. However, the investment in systems and licenses can turn sky high and not fully cover the requirements of businesses.

Standardization of processes and better governance practices, offering flexible and highly available solutions for the companies

EVT counts with a team consisting on highly skilled professionals with long term experience with SAP ABAP, iOS, Android and WEB developments, offering agility and quality for the development requests.


  • Pay only when and what you use;

  • Known metrics, for every estimate our customer will know how much will be spent;

  • Remote development, without costs with physical structure;

  • We do not charge the idle periods that take part in the development activities.

  • Development specialists;

  • Supported by methodology and best practices in software development;

  • Frequent communication with customer's team during development;

  • Work queue with manageable degrees of prioritization;

  • Teams counting with leaders to accelerate and reduce demand gaps.

  • Use of agile methodology;

  • Detailed validation of technical/functional specs sent by clients;

  • Support of management system of requests and demands for the detailed record of all GAP life cycle;

  • Unit tests according to the script defined by customer;

  • Detailed technical documentation;

  • Warranties for development failures.